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Assemblage Series

'Assemblage....a work of art made by grouping found or unrelated objects'

This series of prints was inspired by memories of my mothers sewing room, particularly her dressmaking skills.  As an avid collector of all things textile, I've explored the textures of collected fabrics using mono-printing and then embellished and texturised them further using buttons, thread, old sewing patterns, cut paper and thread.

Assemblage No.45.jpeg

Assemblage No.45

Assemblage No.46.jpeg

Assemblage No. 46

Assemblage No.25.jpeg

Assemblage No.25

Assemblage No.41.jpeg

Assemblage No 41

Assemblage No.49.jpeg

Assemblage No.49

Assemblage No.11

Assemblage No.12.jpeg

Assemblage No.12

Assemblage No.52.jpeg

Assemblage No.52

Assemblage No54.jpeg

Assemblage No.54

Assemblage No.3.jpeg

Assemblage No.3

Assemblage No.5 COS.jpg

Assemblage No.5

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