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'Material World 2020'

My latest series of prints created in lockdown, focuses on recycling. 2020 was a year of respite for the environment and galvanised me into use saved materials from nature and man. My collection of feathers and leaves from the garden, along with scraps of textured fabric and wallpaper. Mono printing highlights the delicacy of nature juxtaposed against the textural, sometimes indestructible, quality of man made items. 

Leaf & Forms IV.jpeg

Leaf & Forms IV

Leaf, Fern & Forms II.jpeg

Leaf, Fern & Forms II

Leaf, Feather & Forms II.jpeg

Leaf, Feather & Forms II

Leaf, Feather & Forms III.jpeg

Leaf, Feather & Forms III

Leaf, Fern & Forms I.jpeg

Leaf, Fern & Forms I - SOLD


Feather, Fern & Forms

Leaf, Feather & Forms I.jpeg

Leaf, Feather & Forms I


Leaf, Fern & Forms

Leaves, Feathers, Ferns & Forms (large).jpeg

Leaves, Feathers, Fern & Forms

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