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Anomaly (Series I) 

 The ‘Anomaly Series I’, uses a photo stencil of hand-knitted wire and knitting needles as the starting point for developing and exploring imagery to visualize the healing aspect of stitch during what was a traumatic experience. My series portrays the two-fold aspects of physical and emotional healing; casting one stitch, then many, knitting into each and creating a fabric is a process which heals and protects the psyche, much like human cells that replicate to produce tissue that binds, seals and protects. Stitch can therefore be seen as a metaphor for growth and renewal, and a healing and mending of both mind and body.

Anomaly I (Series I)
Anomaly II (Series I)
Anomaly III (Series I)
Anomaly VII (Series I)
Anomaly VI (Series I)
Anomaly IV  (Series I)
Anomaly VIII (Series I) 

Anomaly V (Series I)

Anomaly X (Series I)

Anomaly IX (Series I)

Anomaly XI (Series I)

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